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Aktuelle Patch Notes

PC und Linux

Version: 306.67


Released - February 28th, 2020

  • Set kapro race to use "Teleport Out of Bounds" functionality
  • Fixed space whale's display name
  • Cruise missile now has a 2.55s arming period ("Arming Duration") before it can do it's nuke explosion
  • If Cruise missile is destroyed or detonated before then, it now does a harmless explosion
  • Reduced Tek Claw damage against structures
  • Fixed player emote specific to Portugese language setting
  • Fixed certain languages not finding appropriate directories
  • Basketball Missions rewards should now match their intended reward returns

Xbox One

Version: 793.36


Playstation 4

Version: 542.38


PS4 542.38


Version: 2.0.12


Released - December 19sufffth, 2019

Check in-game news for upcoming seasonal events!

  • Weekly Dungeon Pursuit added
  • Flying tames in PvP now receive a speed debuff when damaged
  • Name Change Ticket, SP Transfer Ticket, 4 new Statues & Eerie Implant Graft added to the store
  • Whistle Stop twice to land flying tames
  • Geopolymer Cement Pillar now available at Lvl 91
  • Search functionality added to Tames List
  • Discard functionality extended to Rugs & Statues


Version: 600.0


Switch 600.0