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Die Dokumentation für dieses Modul kann unter Modul:DLCLink/Doku erstellt werden

-- checks if the name contains a DLC-suffix and changes it to the according DLC-icon. then returns a link to name.

local p = {}
function p.link(name)
  if string.find(name," %(Primitive Plus%)") ~= nil then
    return '[['..name..'|'..string.gsub(name,' %(Primitive Plus%)','')..']] [[File:Primitive Plus Icon.png|link=Primitive Plus]]'
  elseif string.find(name," %(Scorched Earth%)") ~= nil then
    return '[['..name..'|'..string.gsub(name,' %(Scorched Earth%)','')..']] [[File:Scorched Earth Icon.png|link=Scorched Earth]]'
  elseif string.find(name," %(The Center%)") ~= nil then
    return '[['..name..'|'..string.gsub(name,' %(The Center%)','')..']] [[File:The Center Icon.png|link=The Center]]'
  elseif string.find(name," %(Ragnarok%)") ~= nil then
    return '[['..name..'|'..string.gsub(name,' %(Ragnarok%)','')..']] [[File:Ragnarok Icon.png|link=Ragnarok]]'
  elseif string.find(name," %(Aberration%)") ~= nil then
    return '[['..name..'|'..string.gsub(name,' %(Aberration%)','')..']] [[File:Aberration Icon.png|link=Aberration]]'
  elseif string.find(name," %(Extinction%)") ~= nil then
    return '[['..name..'|'..string.gsub(name,' %(Extinction%)','')..']] [[File:Extinction Icon.png|link=Extinction]]'
    return '[['..name..']]'
return p