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Corrupted Creatures are a variant of normal Creatures corrupted by Element.png Element that are found on Extinction, the corruption enslaving their behavior into a "hive-mentality". Creatures that are corrupted are more powerful, extremely aggressive (regardless of their previous Temperament), and untameable. All Corrupted Creatures can destroy Tek Foundation.png Tek-tier Structures and will attack the structure when in range.

Projectiles from corrupted creatures are tinted in purple, and if they are hit by ranged projectile, the hit marker will appear in purple, as opposed to normal/friendly hit marker which appears red/green/orange respectively.

Some creatures drops rare materials like Black Pearl.png Schwarze Perle, AnglerGel.png AnglerGel, and will often drop Corrupted Nodule (Extinction).png Corrupted Nodule Extinction Icon.png. Corrupted Nodules essentially functions the exact same way as Organic Polymer.png Organic Polymer does, with a spoilage timer, use as a Polymer.png Polymer substitute, and a suicide pill when consumed.

All Corrupted Creatures have a chance, based on creature strength, to drop a Corrupt Heart (Extinction).png Corrupt Heart Extinction Icon.png after killed. This means the stronger the creature, the more likely it will drop a Corrupt Heart.

The Enforcer.png Enforcer does 4x or 400% more damage then it usually does to any and all corrupted creatures, giving it a significant advantage to kill corrupted and help a survivor travel the Wastelands more safely.

All Corrupted Creatures take significantly less damage from Auto Turret.png Turrets.

Turret Damage
Auto Turret.png Auto Turret 2
Minigun Turret.png Minigun Turret 6
Heavy Auto Turret.png Heavy Auto Turret 10
Tek Turret.png Tek Turret 15
Plant Species X.png Plant Species X 32

List of Corrupted Creatures[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Es gibt 0 Spezies Corrupted Creatures.

Dossier[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Dossier Empty.pngDossier Corrupted Creatures.png

Dieser Dossier-Abschnitt ist eine exakte Kopie der Texte der Dossiers, welche die Forscherin Helena geschrieben hat. Es ist möglich, dass es Unterschiede zwischen dem Beschriebenen und dem Verhalten im Spiel gibt.


Even at its most deadly, there's nothing as beautiful as nature. Yet by definition, that beauty only exists if nature is left to run its course, free from interference or invasion. Sadly, that's not what happened here. These poor creatures have been infected and twisted by an outside force.

I've seen how Element can alter the evolutionary trajectory of a species in small, indirect doses, but this goes far beyond that. The Element that grows within these animals has taken hold of their minds and driven them mad. They move as one, ravaging everything in their path, and often push themselves beyond their physical limits.

We've found they have a sixth sense for Element, and on occasion have used that to our advantage. Otherwise, they are an unfeeling, ravenous horde.


At my insistence, we've tried on several occasions to remove the corruption from these hapless beasts, but to no avail. Every time we have to fend them off, I feel a pang of guilt in my heart, but putting them down is the kindest thing we can do for them.

~ Helena

Note[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • Corrupted Creatures will not attack wild a Rex.png Rex, Spino.png Spino, Giganotosaurus.png Giganotosaurus and other large carnivores.
  • It is note worthy that all Corrupted Creatures can be mate boosted by their own specific species, potentially making them even more deadly.
  • Because of their hive nature being similar to bees, attacking a corrupted creature will result in survivors and their tames being swarmed by nearby corrupted creatures in a certain radius.
    • In orbital supply drops defense, when attacking corrupted that are damaging the drop, several corrupted will branch off and attack you while a few continue damaging the drop.
  • It may be worth noting that out of all the Corrupted Creatures, only the Corrupted Reaper King.png Corrupted Reaper King and Corrupted Giganotosaurus.png Corrupted Giganotosaurus do not possess their usual traits from their uncorrupted variant.
    • The Corrupted Reaper King.png Corrupted Reaper King does not possess natural armor resistance, but possess a much higher health pool to compensate for it.
    • The Corrupted Giganotosaurus.png Corrupted Giganotosaurus does not inflict a bleed when biting
    • The Corrupted Spino.png Corrupted Spino can switch into bipedal stance but won't do its claw swipe, instead it will just bite.
  • Corrupted Deathworm.png Deathworm was formerly one of the Corrupted Creatures at the release of Extinction, but it was silently removed from the game at a later time for unknown reasons.
  • When the Corrupted Rock Drake.png Corrupted Rock Drake uses its cloaking ability, the outline of its non-existent feather are still present.
  • For some reason, Corrupted creatures give off a strange, eerie sound that can be heard when close. The sound however disappears after the player travels enough of distance away and comes back. The sound also does not occur from dead corpses.
  • A strange thing about the corrupted creatures is that Element can corrupt anything but it focuses on a fixed number of creatures. All those creatures it corrupts are famous in today's media and all of them are tames that players would typically tame.
  • When a Corrupted Reaper King.png Corrupted Reaper King dies, its corpse shortly disappears.
  • Interestingly, some corrupted creatures do not show any sign of blood before and/or after they are hurt and killed and some do. 3 of them when they are killed however, those being the Corrupted Giganotosaurus.png Corrupted Giganotosaurus, Corrupted Dimorphodon.png Corrupted Dimorphodon, and Corrupted Pteranodon.png Corrupted Pteranodon, will have all of their body that isn't corrupted, totally and completely covered in red blood.
  • Projectiles that are shot from corrupted creatures, which are likely made of a mixture of element and flesh, will not look the same as their creature counterpart. For example, the Corrupted Chalicotherium.png Corrupted Chalicotherium's throw attack throws a purple element glob as opposed to poop and the Corrupted Arthropluera.png Corrupted Arthropluera will spit out liquid purple element as opposed to green colored, acidic blood.
  • While the shadow on the Dossier image appears what looked like a corrupted Brontosaurus.png Brontosaurus, there is no such thing as Corrupted Brontosaurus that exists in-game.
  • Beware when going into areas like the Wasteland or any other area that usually contains Corrupted Creatures, they can and will literally materialize out of thin air and attack.
  • Corrupted creatures act very similar to zombies in that they are infected and will mindlessly attack anything near them.