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Template-info.png Dokumentation

Template for standardized formatting of template parameters in template documentation.

Usage[Quelltext bearbeiten]


Parameters[Quelltext bearbeiten]

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<unnamed 1> or name

Name of the parameter(s). Certain strings are automatically translated to allow for specification of alternative choices or parameter ranges.

Translated strings (all of these need to be enclosed by spaces):

  • >> is converted to a dash with spaces around it (" - "); used to indicate parameter ranges (e.g. "game1 - game5").
  • // is converted to " or "; used for alternative choices (e.g. "<unnamed 1> or title").
  • ++ is converted to a comma with a trailing space (", "); used for listing parameters which are separate but work the same (e.g. "contentA1, contentB1").
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default, default2

The default value(s) of the parameter.

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Description of the parameter.

Icon semi-required.png
(default: "yes")

Specifies whether this parameter is required for the template to function.

Available options:

  • no: Completely optional.
  • semi: Parameter is required in certain circumstances but optional in others. For a range of parameters (set via up to, this means that at least one of them is required.
  • yes: Always required.

Copy/paste[Quelltext bearbeiten]



Examples[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Simple[Quelltext bearbeiten]


results in:

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Advanced[Quelltext bearbeiten]

{{Docparam|name=parameter // alternative ++ similar1 >> similar3|req=no|default=default setting|desc=

results in:

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(default: "default setting")
parameter or alternative, similar1 up to similar3


Dies ist eine Dokumentationsseite, die in die Seite des Haupttemplates eingefügt werden sollte. Für weitere Informationen siehe: Vorlage:Doc.