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Documentation[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Formats a duration given in seconds.

Usage[Quelltext bearbeiten]


if the second parameter is given (any non-whitespace character will do), the format will be like dd:hh:mm:ss. If the second parameter is empty, the format will be like 1d 4h 23m 2s.

Examples[Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • {{duration|20}} creates 20s
  • {{duration|140}} creates 2m 20s
  • {{duration|86406}} creates 1d 6s
  • {{duration|20|f}} creates 20
  • {{duration|140|f}} creates 2:{{#pad:20|2|0|left}}
  • {{duration|86406|f}} creates 1:{{#pad:0|2|0|left}}:{{#pad:0|2|0|left}}:{{#pad:6|2|0|left}}
  • {{duration|118518.515625}} creates 1d 8h 55m 18s
  • {{duration|118518.515625|f}} creates 1:{{#pad:8|2|0|left}}:{{#pad:55|2|0|left}}:{{#pad:18|2|0|left}}